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By: ShareParts, LLC  12/24/2014
Keywords: Microsoft, business continuity planning, Disaster Recovery Planning

Do you have a Plan B? What will you and your organization do to survive a disaster? You only have to think about New Orleans, New York, and Oakville to know that disasters do happen. Are you ready? Is your organization ready? When I am teaching disaster recovery and business continuity planning course I ask attendees the following question: Why are you here? - no one is going to want to talk to you because you are asking them to do more work - the DRP/BCP planning process can cost a lot of money - you hope you will never have to use your DRP/BCP plan So why are you here attending a course on DRP/BCP plan development? Why are you reviewing this website and DRP/BCP planning solution? In one word I will answer that question! ********** JOBS *********** It's all about JOBS. A job for you and for the other people in the organization. Statistically speaking it has been recorded that organizations that do not get back in business within seven days of a disaster have a 50/50 chance of still being in business a year later! It's all about JOBS. Your management may not want to invest money in developing and delivering sound DRP/BCP plans but you and your associates will want to know how to recover the business in the event of a disaster because your JOBS depend on it. That's why you are here. In the days to come we will demonstrate why PlanBCP is a cost effective solution to help you and your organization develop DRP/BCP plans that will help you recover your operations in the event of a disaster.

Keywords: business continuity planning, Disaster Recovery Planning, Microsoft

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