Retractable Patio Screens and Retractable Bug Enclosures

By: Texas Sun Solutions  09/02/2015

You will notice a theme with each of our product offerings and that is we use the highest quality materials in our Patio Covering Products and we expect them to last a lifetime. Our Solution Retractable Patio Screens are absolutely no exception. For starters our patio screen shades are so high in quality that we can make them up to 30 Feet Wide with no seams or breaks in the fabric. Our secret is once again we use all Extruded Aluminum, we use a tension track system and we use the highest quality Mermet outdoor screen fabrics. Using the Mermet screen allows us to put tension on the screen without it stretching it allowing the product to be made at Extreme Widths. Be wary of other patio screens that use a polyester based screen, it will stretch over time and cause unsightly wrinkles. Another great benefit of our Patio Tension Screens is they also offer a Full Bug Enclosure. Admit it there is nothing more annoying than sitting out on your lovely patio only to be bombarded by unwelcome mosquito's and flies. With the push of a button on your remote control the patio screens will retract down and give you the enclosure you need while still letting the breeze through the open screen. So next time you have a Barbecue on your Patio you can make your guests more comfortable by retracting your patio screens.

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