Emergency Portable Cooling System

By: Spot Cooling Systems Inc  09/02/2015
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With proper planning, the right portable cooling system will keep your facilities operating and personnel comfortable when air conditioning disasters and/or emergencies strike. Processes have become highly dependent on the operation of facility air conditioning systems. When the main air conditioning fails, computers, servers and telecommunications equipment can overheat rapidly. Systems will have to be shut down and operations suspended, resulting in losses that can quickly become devastating. What happens when your air conditioning goes down and you are experiencing one of these emergencies? Emergency computer room cooling units tough enough to do the job must be available at a moments notice. At ExtraCooler® we have been devoted to solving emergency heat removal situations such as HVAC operations coming to a dead stop, computer room air conditioning struggling to keep up with server demands, and air conditioning maintenance since 1984. And in those 25 plus years, we’ve come to fully understand what it takes to restore full industrial air conditioning with a portable cooling system. To meet industry’s relentless need for continuous cool air, we developed the ExtraCooler® portable cooling system that can handle any size cooling crisis, even in times of natural disaster. Our computer room cooling units have become the answer to IT and industrial air conditioning downtime. Even if the power goes out, we have AC generator portable units to power the ExtraCooler® spot coolers, available for immediate shipment. The versatile ExtraCooler® portable cooling system proves its worth during emergency situations world wide, when more than just supplemental cooling is needed. There is a fast, easy solution for when you need supplemental cooling or your main air conditioning system shuts down. We routinely work with companies for contingency planning.Call Spot Cooling Systems in Dallas, Texas and let us help you solve your emergency and back-up cooling dilemmas.

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