New ADHD program added

New ADHD program added from Athena Learning Center of College Station

By: Athena Learning Center of College Station  08/27/2015
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The Athena Learning Center of Bryan and College Station, which specializes in K-12 tutoring, recently announced their new C8 Activate program. According to The Learning Center, this program aims to help children with ADHD and enhance their cognitive training. In an interview with the College Station Learning Center, emphasis was placed on the need to upgrade ADHD children’s educational standards. “The C8 Activate provides the kind of tutoring they need today”, says a Learning Center spokesperson. “Unlike other programs out there, C8 Activate includes software training and physical exercise, and it’s going to do more than just teach these kids basic skills.” The Activate Program was created by Dr. Bruce Wexler, Senior Research Scientist of Yale School of Medicine, and Jinxia Dong, PhD., Professor of Sports Studies at Peking University in China. Together they crafted this program specifically to train the brain while meeting the requirements of ADHD students. “What makes C8 Activate unique,” the Athena Learning Center explains,” is it enhances neuroplasticity and works out your cognitive skills, the same way exercise works out your muscles. This improves not just a child’s academic performance but also their behavior. The program will enhance the skills of all students, but it’s especially suited for children with ADHD.” There have been other ADHD classroom programs attempted in the past, but C8 Activate is the only one that’s been tailored to stimulate the brain using state of the art software. With this program, ADHD students will learn to resolve problems using different perspectives and furthermore, it helps reduce the frustration that children usually encounter in the classroom. In an interview with Center Director Michelle Lee, she says that the feedback from the program has been very positive. “Based on our initial test runs, teachers are very happy with the results”, she pointed out. This should not be surprising because cases wherein C8 Activate was used indicate that it changes students’ behavior for the better. Ms. Lee also provides a sneak preview of how the program will be implemented in the Athena Learning Center. “All ADHD students will be evaluated for performance, test scores and progress. Tutors get real time reports and data about each student’s performance can be measured and compared immediately. I believe that this data is going to help both students and tutors achieve the best possible results.” With the upcoming implementation of the C8 Activate program, Ms. Lee expects a drastic improvement in the education and tutoring of students with ADHD. “What we have here,” she says, “is a powerful and proven tool that explains ideas and concepts to these kids in a way they’ll understand. More importantly, this will train their brains the best way possible.” With this program, the Athena Tutoring College Station also hopes to spearhead a new and more effective way to tutor ADHD students. “This can be a game changer”, Ms. Lee says.

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