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So How does this all work? First we determine what type of sale is best for you. We have several types and the staff to run them. Good old fashion Estate sale. This type of sale runs for 2 to 3 days . My staff and I come in and empty cabinets, closets and drawers to rid of all items that do not and would not sell. ( example family documents and photos, those are held for the owner or executor to go through at their convenience. We then rearrange furnishings and items to be sold to the best eye catching form. Breakables are placed in safe but visible places. Everything is dusted, polished or cleaned to get better pricing. All of this takes time so I and my staff will need access ( I will never allow access with out my presence) 10 to 21 days ahead depending on the size of the estate. Anything that does not sell we can either box up for charity or hold over to add to a consignment sale. More detailed discussion at the time of an evaluation will be done when we meet to do a walk through. Estate Auction. This is where we hold and auction for everything in the estate that can be legally* sold at auction. It is a one day event and usually draws a crowd, not as many as would come at their own leisure through out an Estate sale. However there are benefits to this type of sale. some items will go for a better price then others because of competition to buy the items. The sale is completed in one day and there is no one walking through the house other then sales staff. People often get caught up in the fun of it all and buy things they normally would have went home to think about. This is also good for selling things like cars, boats and tools. I would still have to have access to estate at least 10 to 30 days before sale to clean . polish , make ready and catalog items for sale. There is more work on my part for this type sale. (*) Legally sold by auction means I can not sell things like mattresses, sofas, recliners, bedding, towels or anything someone could have slept on.I can sell the bed frame, futon frame, just nothing upholstered . But that can be sold tag style before or after auction. Once again more detailed discussion at the time of an evaluation. Auction/Estate sale combo. This type of sale is the best of both worlds. we prep for both , one the first day we hold the Estate sale and everything that will not be included in the auction. We will price everything including the auction items, however we can price the Auction items a little higher then normal. If the customer really wants the item and does not want to chance it being sold to some one else they will buy on the spot. If they want to chance they can get it for a smaller price then they will preview and come back for the auction and take the chance. Most times the item goes for even more then expected, but no guarantee.No item will be sold for less with out permission from the owner or executor first. And again more detailed discussion at the time of an evaluation. Consignment Sale. This is for people who do not have a lot of items or maybe one item they would like to get rid of. They do not want to post online and deal with having to show people and people not showing up. Or it is a very small estate not enough to hold a big sale for . I take those pieces on consignment and include in another sale or buy outright (usually this is not the best way for you to go money wise). Once it is sold and this would be with in 30 days or returned to you, I would have your money for you or the estate. this is usually done on a smaller commission basis. Business Liquidations. Get the most money and quickest clean out of inventory possible. These type of sale draw a certain crowd and they know when it is a good deal. Lien holders auction. This is for sales for like storage units for back rent, real estate, manufactured homes, basically any item someone has used for collateral and defaulted on the loan. Kimberly Combs Miller TDLR license # 17598

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