By: Lavande Medi Spa  02/21/2016
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As we age we lose about 3% of our collagen every year so our skin isn’t as firm anymore and it starts to sag. The only way to tighten the skin without surgery is to stimulate the body to produce new collagen cells, thereby tightening the skin. Our Venus Freeze uses two different technologies to do just that. The two technologies it uses is RF which heats the skin deep within and Magnetic pulsing which has been used in the past to speed up healing. This powerful combination works by stimulating the immune system to ”heal a wound” and it creates new collagen . It is a non- invasive treatment with no down time. Your skin will thank you. Our Venus skin tightening package starts at $200. How many treatments are needed? Usually 6 treatments are needed 1-2 weeks apart for venus skin tightening. What will my skin look like after treatment? It will be red for about a half hour and will feel tight. Do I have to wear that messy ointment like other resurfacing? No Just sun block is recommended after the treatment. You can go back to your normal regimen of skin care in about 2-3 days.

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