How balance training improves athletic performance

How balance training improves athletic performance from TracknFieldGear

By: TracknFieldGear  07/22/2015
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Our body posture is an important aspect for our everyday activities. Every single physical activity requires a certain amount of balance and with the right posture our body is able to accomplish so many things. A small baby also requires balance and stabilizes himself in order to start walking. When the balance is off, the baby drops on the floor. He again struggles to balance himself and stands and eventually begins to walk. Balance plays a serious role in all our physical activities. More than the regular man, athletes need more balance training to up their performance. It helps build those muscles for running, cycling or any other athletic activity. It improves fitness and it is crucial that you include it in every workout. The human body has its own center of gravity depending on the size of the person. During any physical activity we tend to let our body experience various positions thereby displacing the center of gravity. This Centre of gravity maintains our body posture so that we do not feel uncomfortable during these activities. The center of gravity is just like any other body part and balance training helps enhance the placement of the body. Balance training not only helps the center of gravity but helps in expressing more power, poise and landing. It helps build power, muscle formation and reaction quality. The muscles get more toned which in turn help in reacting faster and better. This enhances performance by athletes and brings about the best in them. Including balance training in all the workouts should be made a must as it has a lot of positivity’s and brings about a force that cannot be tackled. In the athletic field speed is also important. The faster the runner the better his performance; it’s the same case in swimming and most of the other athletic related sports activities. Balance training greatly improves speed. It helps make the muscles more flexible and powerful making them perform at their best. This greatly increases the speed of an athlete and boosts his performance. Getting injured is another huge risk in the field of athletics. Imbalance is one of the major causes for injury. Not only athletes, but dancers and other professions involving leg work also require balance training in their workouts. Dancers especially need major balance training as their movements are loud and dangerous most of the time. Gymnasts put their lives in danger everyday by hanging onto ropes and walking and jumping on thin planks. Balance training is very important to such people as they lives literally hang by the rope. Jumping in the air, landing on thin planks of wood and other dangerous activities involve major balance training. Including the balance training in all the workouts is a must and should be encouraged by all coaches. Not just in the athletic field but in all sports fields. It should be implemented right from childhood and should be introduced in all schools during the physical education hour. Balance training increases performance, power and eventually gives a healthy and happy body

Keywords: Field Equipments, Track And Field Gear, Track Equipments,