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By: Arrest SOS  03/23/2016
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The app that gets you out of jail. No one expects to be arrested, but almost 1 million Americans a month find themselves in exactly that predicament: DUI stops after leaving a restaurant or bar; disorderly conduct; accused of stealing or possessing; assault; weapons; gambling; or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Arrest SOS has legal resources at the ready. Download the app for free, complete your profile, then place the app icon in the upper left hand corner of your smartphone home page so it is easy to find when you need it. If you think you are about to be stopped and arrested, activate the app by tapping the app icon, followed by pushing the SOS button that appears on your screen. [Most people don't realize that if you are stopped you won't be allowed access to your phone while engaged with the police, so whether you have an attorney or a friend you can call, you won't be able to until you've been in jail for a while]. A message is immediately sent to a designated attorney and bail bond agent for the ZIP code of your arrest. They begin the bail process before you ever get to jail. If not arrested, you get to use your phone again and you will see a screen on your phone that allows you to cancel the process.

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