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By: Escape This  07/11/2016
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As DFW's #1 rated escape room, Escape This offers the most fun and challenging escape room experience in Texas! Escape rooms are a fun form of interactive entertainment where you and other participants are placed in a room with various clues and puzzles. The group has 60 minutes to solve challenges in the room in order to find a way out! Escape This offers 4 compelling rooms which challenge participants in different ways. Unique to Escape This, each room experience presents a mystery that must be solved in order to escape the room. At Escape This, puzzles are not shared between rooms, and every challenge is different. While many escape rooms aim to shock and awe participants with scary rooms or lull them to sleep with rooms full of "busy work", Escape This provides a creative and intellectual experience with challenges that must be solved with logic and critical thinking, and not luck or aimless "Where's Waldo" searching. Unlike other escape rooms, challenges at Escape This can be solved in multiple ways. This means teams must think critically, work together, communicate and use strategic thinking to be successful. So if you are new to escape rooms, a seasoned enthusiast tired of escaping low level rooms in 15-20 minutes, or a business manager looking for that perfect team building event, Escape This is your place. Give us a call, or stop by to see what all of our great reviews are about. We look forward to having you!

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