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By: For You Dental  06/23/2014
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If you’ve never been to a dentist, your first visit may be a bit overwhelming. At first glance it looks just like a doctors office with a waiting room and a receptionist. However, once you get to the patients room you are surrounded by weird machines and foreign objects. You can rest assured that those machines and objects are going to be in any dentist office that you go to, so you should have nothing to worry about. Instead, when you get to the dentist, take off your jacket and try and relax. At first, the dental assistant will likely take an x-ray of your teeth to get a good idea of how your gums and dental foundation is looking. Then your dentists will likely ask you questions as to your current oral health. This is the time where you’ll want to tell them if you are having any issues. If not, you can lean back and open wide because this is when the dentist will start cleaning your teeth. Every so often they will ask you to lean forward and rinse your mouth, which you’ll do with the water dispenser to the side of the chair. Once they are finished cleaning, they’ll give you an idea of how your mouth is looking and provide you with any suggestions for oral health in the future. If you’re lucky, they might also even give you a toothbrush to take home. After all that is complete, you’ll head back to the front of the office and be on your way.

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Restorative Dentistry

Depending on the type of work you’ve had done, you’ll likely have little to no downtime after your restorative dentistry procedure. Many of these procedures, whether they be intracoronal or extracoronal, take only a few hours to perform and you can resume normal activity once you have finished the procedure. However, the good news is that once you have finished with your procedure, then you can go on living normally with a fully functioning mouth.

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The cost of treatment of periodontal diseases varies as per the severity of the disease. It will also depend on a number of factors such as Number of teeth affected – since periodontal cost is calculated on a per tooth basis, this is probably the biggest factor in determining the total cost of treatment.

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Oral Surgery

Oral surgery may not always be something that people want to hear is necessary. However, for some individuals it is an unavoidable circumstance that cannot be avoided. In order to make sure that your oral surgery goes by as painlessly as possible, it is vital to trust in a dental office that makes your comfort a priority. Getting oral surgery at For You Dental is a process that will go smoothly starting with original consultation until the moment your procedure has been completed.

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Oral-surgery in Dallas

Oral surgery can be broken down into a variety of different treatments. In most cases, the treatments aim to fix any diseases, injuries or defects that are in the mouth. These issues can arise due to improper attention given to oral hygiene, but can also be attributed to genetics and the formation of your mouth when you were born. Whatever the case may be, living uncomfortably due to the problems in your mouth, jaw, or facial region is not something that you have to live with forever. Instead, D

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Cosmetic Dentistry

If teeth whitening isn’t enough for you, or it simply can’t get your teeth to the desired shade of white that you want, then another option to consider is dental veneers. Dental veneers are intended to make your teeth look better by applying a fabricated new tooth inside your mouth. Veneers come in either a composite or porcelain material, both of which have their own benefits. In most cases, dental veneers are quite the long-lasting solution.