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By: Forney Wellness Chiropractic and Massage  06/02/2015
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Why is this such a big deal? The bones of your spine are designed to protect your nervous system. The nervous system includes your brain, spinal cord, and all of the nerves that connect every part of your body to your brain. These nerves exit the spinal cord and run through channels between the spinal vertebrae. When the joints of your spine are not moving correctly, it has the potential to put abnormal tension or pressure on the nerves which, subsequently, can affect their ability to relay messages between your brain and body. What is an adjustment? The chiropractic adjustment is focused at returning normal motion to the joints of the spine and allowing the nervous system to function properly. The relief of pain that patients feel after being adjusted is just an awesome added benefit! In addition to maintaining the health of the nervous system, chiropractic care helps maintain the health of your joints. The tissues that make up the inner areas of your joints receive nutrition through motion. A joint that is restricted in motion tends to become unhealthy and it can lead to arthritis down the road. Send us mail

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