By: 1Source Mediation  09/16/2015
Keywords: Divorce Mediation, Cultural Diversity & Individual Differences

Divorce Mediation is a wise choice. It protects your children, your finances, property, mental health, and is confidential. Mediation is the least adversarial and least expensive method of separation and divorce. With mediation, the decision making authority rests with you, not lawyers or judges. After all, it’s your life, not theirs. Preserve your integrity and self-esteem. Mediation is faster, simpler, cheaper, private, and just makes sense. There are no losers in divorce mediation. We know that divorce or separation can be a traumatic experience. We also know that successfully resolving disputes or arrangements after such separation can be very difficult, especially if you place high importance on closure and civility. That is why we recommend divorce mediation for you. A mediator provides a fair playing field so the parties will feel comfortable and in control of their destiny.

Keywords: Cultural Diversity & Individual Differences, Divorce Mediation,