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By: Dr. Sean Boutros  04/29/2014
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Houston Plastic and Craniofacial Surgery offer superior treatment for children affected by craniosynostosis, the condition which prevents normal brain and skull growth. Dr. Sean Boutros, the board-certified plastic surgeon who heads the Center is well known for his expertise in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery procedures. He specializes in providing surgical solutions for children and provides effective treatment to help resolve this congenital condition.

The normal skull comprises several plates of bone separated by sutures or joints located between the bony plates in the head. As the infant grows, the suture closes to form the skull. Problems occur when the sutures close prematurely, affecting the normal growth of the brain, skull, and facial bones.

Dr. Boutros provides craniosynostosis treatment for infants under two months or later between nine and twelve months. As there are many different types of craniosynostosis, every child is carefully evaluated so that a case-specific treatment plan can be devised.

In Metopic Synostosis, the forehead takes a triangular shape and treatment is recommended between nine and eleven months of age. Surgery is advised for cases that appear too obvious, while mild cases need no operative intervention. For Sagittal Synostosis, a minimally invasive formal cranial vault remodeling procedure is performed under two months of age to provide adequate head shape. For Unilateral Coronal Synostosis, corrective surgery is usually performed between nine and twelve months of age to reshape and remodel the brows and forehead and provide symmetry and naturalness to the face. To resolve the serious condition called Multiple Suture Synostosis, Dr. Boutros uses multiple techniques such as early fronto-orbital advancement surgery, early shunting, and early monoblock advancement procedures.

Reconstructive surgery at this Houston based center comes with many benefits
  • •Personalized craniosynostosis surgery solutions
  • •Individualized care
  • •Safe and advanced techniques
  • •Long lasting outcome
  • •Superior follow ups

The center offer services for kids with facial disfigurements regardless of their financial resources.

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Keywords: craniosynostosis, craniosynostosis treatment, craniosynostosis surgery, Synostosis, plastic surgery,