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By: MAX Molded Pulp Co., Ltd  03/16/2016
Keywords: Handling Equipment, Pallet Rack, Paper Pallet

RECYCLED PALLET/ERU-PALLET / PAPER-PALLET/SHIPMENT FORKLIFT HONEYCOMB PALLET which also named eco-friendly high quality new design customized cardboard pallet with bellowed models; The EUR/EPAL pallet is1,200 X 800X144MM (47.2IN X31.5IN X5.7IN) Pallet Dimensions: 1/8 EURO 40X30MM, 1/4 EURO 60X40MM, 1/2EURO 80X60MM EURO (ISO1) 80X120MM, EURO (ISO2)100X120. It is a four-way or two-way pallet made of waste paper that is nails in a prescribed pattern. Produced all with paper, free of fumigation treatment for export and saving cost of fumigation than wood pallet. Flexible designing of the structure and size of pallet based on clients requirements. Nowadays the paper pulp pallets replaced the positions of wooden pallets used by trucks, forklifts and high-rach warehouse optimized for their size. Paper pallet pool allowed for pallet exchange in European countries for many ways even in cross-border dealings which fits for the ISO standards The ideal worldwide logistics solution 800X1200MM, 1200X1000MM, 1000X1200MM MAX-Pallets bearing the EPAL quality mark, certifying they have been inspected by clients all over the world, offering global safety. Only quality inspected pallets guarantee smooth material flow-anywhere. Either within your business or internationally in transport and storage. These are the real benefits of MAX europallet. 1. Safer Transport Your goods arrive safely 2. Stable Storage Stables storage of the good is guaranteed 3. Optimum Operational Safety Your works are in safer environment 4. Paper instead of traditional wooden pallet Waste paper could be used, good environment for recycling. MAX-PALLETS manufacturers are inspected under strict quality procedures, at regular intervals. All MAX-conrolled pulp pallets are marked with a quality control staple bearing the quality mark. Based on standard quality-assured EURO pallets.

Keywords: Handling Equipment, Pallet Rack, Paper Pallet

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