Smokers Pits

Smokers Pits from Tejas Smokers

By: Tejas Smokers  08/01/2016
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BBQ Smoker Pits A Tejas Smokers® barbecue pit is made with heavy plate steel insuring a lifetime of trouble-free use. Doors latch securely. Flange-sealed lids on these barbecue smoker pits contain the smoke and heat to insure evenly cooked food. Tejas Smokers® Square Firebox Pits Feature: I - Direct grill cook grate at top of the square firebox II - Adjustable, framed, slide out cooking grates throughout bbq pit III - Adjustable three-port air intake at base of firebox door which promote an even wood burn IV - Barrel/ square firebox 45° fixed angle heat-deflector baffle in the tradition of fine Texas BBQ pits V - Drilled ½" tap at the rear of the square firebox for optional gas log lighter / heat assist pipe VI - Full sized heavy duty ash pan and so many other things...check them out All Tejas barbecue pits are bbq smoker pits that come with a limited Tejas Smokers® Lifetime Firebox Burnout Warranty! Call it a bbq pit or barbecue pit, a wood smoker, stick burner, or a bbq smoker pit ...we call ours a Tejas Smoker®.

Keywords: Barbecue Smokers, Barbeque Pits, BBQ PIT