Online Payment Processing Efficient, secure online payment processing eliminates the effort and expense of manual processing, and reduces the risk of loss or fraud. Customer Portal The customer Portal offers you client added customer convenience, facilitates communication with customers, and will speed and streamline their accounts receivable. Precise Timing of Bill Pay With AG and our partner integrated systems, you can time bills more precisely, especially if you use e-payments. You can easily reschedule a payment on the fly if income is below expectations. Your client will appreciate their ability to easily schedule and reschedule payments as needed. Electronic Communication Users will communicate and collaborate electronically via AG and our partner integrated systems, as opposed to vial phone, email, or in person. The Notes feature facilitates communication and collaboration, and all communications are documented. Document Management All documents are permanently and securely stored, take up no office space, and area accessible anytime, anywhere. Paper documents can be disposed of once entered in the AG system. No filing and no year-end archiving. Documents are associated with appropriate projects, searchable by various criteria, easily located and shared. Payrolls & Taxations Adding AG services will allow your employees to submit time-sheets, and view pay-stubs & W2s and you can control payment & approve time-sheets. We fill your Taxes. Daily Update of Accounting System Daily Sync will update the balance on Cash view, maintaining the accuracy of this valuable tool. The client can also send bills, and have them entered, on a daily basis providing accurate, up to date visibility of their cash flow situation. 24/7 Mobile Access Around –the- clock access to documents, information, and functions from any Internet- enabled mobile device facilitates work across time zones. Account Receivable Adding AG A/R allows you to invoice customers, share documents, and share notes regarding an invoice or work order electronically. If AG A/R is also used, invoices will be paid 2-3 times faster, providing better cash flow. Account Payables We mail your paper checks & paper bills or you may pay online via e-Payments, all just in few clicks. Multiple User Roles User roles provides tight internal control and separation of duties. This is especially important when you want to restrict access to particular accounting information. User are easily added or deleted while maintaining the history of approvals in the audit trail.