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By: SER National  03/04/2015
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Every year, our free tax services help millions of low- to moderate-income taxpayers—especially those 60 and older—get the credits and deductions they deserve. Started in 1968 by four volunteers, AARP Foundation Tax-Aide is now the nation’s largest free, volunteer-run tax preparation program. In 2012, over 35,000 volunteers worked at nearly 6,000 Tax-Aide community-based sites in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. We helped 2.6 million people navigate complicated tax codes, receive proper credits and deductions, and file their federal, state and local tax returns. In high demand Free tax services are more critical than ever as the U.S. tax code has become increasingly complicated. Older low- to moderate-income people who use AARP Foundation Tax-Aide face particularly difficult tax situations: Many older taxpayers are unaware of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) or believe they don’t qualify for it. One of the most important forms of income support for low-income workers, the EITC reduces tax liability and can generate a refund. Retirees accustomed to the short 1040EZ often face new provisions and complex forms to determine the taxable portion of their retirement income, different standard deduction amounts, permissible health care deductions and, if they sell their house, treatment of capital gains. If the spouse who has always handled taxes dies or becomes incapacitated, the other spouse may be unsure how to proceed. Ready and able AARP Foundation Tax-Aide volunteers are trained and IRS-certified each year to ensure their knowledge of revisions to the U.S. tax code. With their help, taxpayers received $1.3 billion in refunds and more than $232 million EITCs. By using AARP Foundation Tax-Aide, these low- to moderate-income taxpayers also avoid preparation fees and pitches for high-interest tax credit or refund loans. AARP Foundation Tax-Aide is offered in conjunction with the IRS. How is AARP Foundation Tax-Aide different from other free tax services? We understand the needs of older, low- to moderate income taxpayers—especially as the U.S. tax code has become more and more complicated. Retirement or other life changes may mean you can’t file a 1040EZ form anymore. You may have a relative who’s now a dependent. Or you may have lost a spouse who always did the taxes in your family. When you go to an AARP Foundation Tax-Aide site, you don’t have to deal with a kiosk or go online. You’ll get personal attention from a real person until your taxes are completed. We’ll even transmit your forms directly to the IRS.

Keywords: Free Tax Services, Tax Services,

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