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Professional Personal Trainer from REDRUM GYM

By: REDRUM GYM  03/01/2016
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Hello everyone, my name is Jimi. I am the Head Personal Trainer here, and I like to welcome you to REDRUM. To give you a little background, I used to own one of the METROFLEX GYM franchises "Home of 8 times Mr. Olympia BIG Ron Coleman". I started competitive Bodybuilding and Power lifting back in 1997 and have been at it ever since. We decided to open REDRUM to cater SPECIFICALLY and FULLY to PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL and GROUP PROFESSIONAL PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS. REDRUM is a PRIVATE training facility, NOT open to the Public. It is for PERSONAL TRAINING CLIENTS ONLY. When you are training here at REDRUM, it's just YOU and your TRAINER, which makes for a great learning and PRODUCTIVE atmosphere. There are huge benefits to one on one training, all focus is on the client, no distractions and no interruptions, so that you can get the most out of your personal training sessions each and every time. We also understand that there are those that want to go to the Gym, but for one reason or another, do not like the idea of so many people around them, and it makes for an uncomfortable start up experience for some, that is also the beauty of REDRUM, it's just ME and YOU with the entire Gym to yourself. Just YOU and your TRAINER and no other eyes on you, unless, you brought another pair with you.

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