Rationale for Building your own SIP Panels if you are in construction, especially internationally!

By: IADDIC Shelters  03/29/2015
Keywords: International Construction, affordable construction construction

For over 70 years there has been a tremendous amount of SIP construction totalling many hundreds of millions of square feet of SIP buildings having been built. All of this has been backed by science and research demonstrating the strength and durability of the panels (as well as weaknesses). They are indisputably a strong product that offers a faster 1 way to build a buildings compared to wood framing. In short the research has “illustrated that SIPs perform as an effective composite material possessing considerable strength and stiffness necessary to sustain required design loads.” 1, and experience has demonstrated their viability. In addition they are the undisputed king of eco construction enabling the construction of high energy efficient LEED certified and “net zero” buildings. But they have problems: especially when it comes to getting them into wide scale use on an international basis. The reason for this is that SIP Panels are made in factories and the factories are regional, and expensive. Further, the nature of the product (SIP Panels) and how they are built leads to the following obstacles. Expensive To Ship: The cost to ship SIP Panels is one of, if not the primary reason SIP Panels have not been used on an international level. Simply put, nobody can afford to ship SIP’s! They simply are too large to be shipped too far. Limited Supply: Along with the cost of transporting panels to the jobsite, most manufacturers service only a limited geographical region. The manufacturer then builds a factory that can efficiently service their prospective market. Building too large of a factory means inefficient utilization of resources and too small of a factory limits capacity. Both constrain or limit supply. Limited Options: SIP Panel Manufacturers invest and specialize in a limited number of machines that produce certain panel types. Their machine and process limits hamper flexibly and although there are many suitable materials that can be used as the skins most SIP Panel manufacturers ONLY use OSB. Restricted Replacement Panels: SIP Panel manufacturers require the entire building be designed and every panel pre made and pre cut before sending them to the jobsite. This works well until a change in the design occurs after the panels are on the job site or a panel somehow gets damaged and needs to be replaced. The process of replacing a small numbers of insulated panels can take weeks and in some cases months. Premium pricing: Because of the outstanding capabilities, superior energy savings, and limited supply globally, manufacturers have opted to price the panels as a premium product. We believe these limitations are overcome by simply changing where SIP Panels are manufactured. At IADDIC, we understand SIP Panel manufacturing and have developed the tools and equipment needed to build high quality panels on or near the construction site. We believe the problems with SIP Panels is simply where they are made. We have decoupled SIP Panel manufacturing from the factory and have made SIP Panel production available to almost anyone, almost anywhere. Instead of being impacted by the limitations of the traditional SIP Panel manufacturing process you are now able to produce high quality panels with the flexibility you need to construct strong and energy efficient structures. To Read The Rest of the Article: http://iaddicshelters.net/builders-to-make-sip-panels/

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