Is High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy Dangerous?

Is High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy Dangerous? from Craig Ranch OBGYN

By: Craig Ranch OBGYN  10/29/2015
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Some women experience high blood pressure when they are pregnant. It is not healthy for the woman or her baby and doctors normally do everything they can to get mom’s blood pressure down as soon as possible. The problem with high blood pressure during pregnancy is that it deprives the baby of essential oxygen and blood flow. Mom’s brain, liver, and kidneys are at risk when this is the case, as well. At times, very high blood pressure or gestational hypertension (also known as preeclampsia when diagnosed in pregnant women) can cause seizures and other complications. Once it has reached the seizure stage, it is called eclampsia. In eclampsia, the placenta doesn’t function properly, severely endangering the baby. Logically, if you have already been diagnosed with high blood pressure and then find out you are pregnant, your doctor will warn you that your risk of contracting preeclampsia is much higher than an average person. The only way to cure a woman from having preeclampsia is to deliver the baby. Doctors will try to wait as long as they feel comfortable doing so before they force the delivery or do a c-section. The number of symptoms and effects of preeclampsia are many and they can be dangerous. Mom might suddenly start rapidly gaining a lot of weight (caused by a significant increase in bodily fluid), she may have severe headaches, dizziness, vision changes, and her hands and face will swell up. This causes great discomfort for her and the baby will suffer, as well, from her emotional distress. If you have high blood pressure and possible preeclampsia, it will need to be carefully monitored by your doctor. We’re here to help!

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