What Is Pelvic Pain Syndrome?

What Is Pelvic Pain Syndrome? from Craig Ranch OBGYN

By: Craig Ranch OBGYN  10/29/2015
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For some women, pelvic pain can be an unfortunate fact of life. Pelvic pain syndrome is a chronic condition where the patient suffers from persistent pain in the lower abdominal and pelvic regions. It can affect a sufferer both physically and emotionally. While the condition can be a symptom of an underlying condition, it can also be a condition by itself. Causes of pelvic pain syndrome Although not always easily identified, there are certain possible causes: Endometriosis Hormonal changes Irritable bowel syndrome Scarring after abdominal surgery Allergies Pelvic inflammatory disease Uterine fibroids A history of vulvodynia (chronic vaginal pain and infection)\ Symptoms Constant or intermittent pelvic pain Severe cramping Muscle tenderness Pelvic pressure Painful menstruation Pain during intercourse Fatigue Backaches Pain during bowel movements or urination Pain when sitting for long periods of time Diagnosing the condition Dr. Ranch will most likely perform a pelvic exam and a diagnostic laparoscopy to properly diagnose pelvic pain syndrome. He will check for signs of infection and any abnormal growths. The diagnostic laparoscopy is conducted through a tiny incision in the pelvic area that allows the laparoscope to give Dr. Ranch a view of the pelvic area. Treatment Treatment can focus on both the body and the mind, since the constant pain affects both. In the short term, pain medication will help patients handle the pain before long-term solutions take effect. These may include physical therapy and stretching exercises. In cases where there is scar tissue or endometriosis, surgery may be necessary. Don’t live with pelvic pain. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Ranch by calling 214-544-6600.

Keywords: Doctors, Endometriosis, Hormonal Changes, Pelvic Pressure, Severe cramping

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