Advanced SEO Review

By: Jennifer Bagley  05/25/2015
Keywords: Custom Newsletter Design, hvac seo, advanced SEO Review

1.Interesting and catchy title as the header 1, with your keywords at the beginning. 2.Creating a proper focused keyword/phrase for your permalink. 3.Mentioning your keyword/phrase every 100 words and making that keyword actually a header 2 for your paragraphs. 4.Back linking inside your post to other pages on your website and other websites that are relevant. 5.Optimizing your photos for your focused keyword. 6.Becoming an expert user of SEO by Yoast. 7.Creating your focus keywords. 8.Selecting your SEO Title, with the keywords at the beginning. 9.Creating your Meta description 10.Selecting your categories that make sense and adding your tags. 11.Word count is equal to or exceeds 1500 words. 12.Mentioning the Keyword at the beginning of your copy. 13.Say what you need to say, but remember your copy needs to be speaking to a 13 year old if possible. So how about a few advanced techniques to think about? Even though you have tantalizing killer content writing, a tribe that will follow you anywhere, web traffic from referrals and the social media networks. All of this activity and hoopla, becomes stale if the search engines can’t find you. Your website has to be able to found, crawled and indexed in the proper file cabinet folder or all of the work doesn’t really matter as far as SEO goes. So we want you to step out of yourself and look at your site from Google’s view. Put on the google colors if that helps you, go buy some nerd glasses, even get a mac book….. We want you to walk away understanding what it involves for google to crawl your site, find you in the proper folders and much more.

Keywords: advanced SEO Review, Chamber of Commerce Website Design, Custom Newsletter Design, hvac seo,

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