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By: North Texas Plastic Surgery, PA  10/07/2014
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As women age, one of the most disconcerting changes in their bodies is the development of a saggy appearance to their breasts. This process can be worsened in women who have seen their breast volume expand with pregnancy and child birth and then contract after they finish breast feeding. The breast tissue itself effectively increases in size and decreases with the fluctuating hormones of pregnancy, but the skin envelope does not contract down. The combination of a shrunken breast tissue and an expanded skin covering it, leads to a saggy appearance.

In a similar fashion, women who have successfully lost a significant amount of weight may find that they not only lost fat from their target areas like their abdomen and hips, but also from their breasts. Unfortunately, the skin around the breasts does not contract down like the lost fat, and as a result, a saggy appearance to the breasts may appear.

As frustrating as this change may be to women, it is important to realize there is help. Dr. Obaid specializes in lifting the breasts and restoring a youthful appearance to them. In his Southlake office, Dr. Obaid will explain all of your surgical options with you. The breasts can be lifted while at the same time increasing the breast size, maintaining them their current size or reducing their size. Together, you and Dr. Obaid will discuss your goals, questions and concerns and the best operation for YOU will be selected.

The breast lift procedure itself is a relatively easy one for the patient. You will see Dr. Obaid in Southlake on the morning of surgery and he will review with you again everything that will happen and what to expect through the day. Your surgery will take place in the morning and Dr. Obaid will keep you overnight in the hospital to make sure that you are comfortable and your pain is well controlled. You will be given medicine to keep you comfortable through the evening. By the next morning, most women are up and around and ready to go home. You can shower the next day and their will be no bandages to change. You will see Dr. Obaid in his Southlake office one week after your breast lift to make sure that you are healing well. There will be no painful stitches to remove. You will be comfortable and amazed at the change!

Keywords: Breast Lift

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