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By: Emergency Dental Care USA  12/01/2014
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Every tooth has at least one root. A large molar in the back of the mouth can have up to four roots. An abscess can form at a tooth’s root, causing inflammation and pain. When this happens, our dentists clean out the canals of the affected tooth, treat the abscess, fill the canal with gutta percha (a rubber-like material), top it off with filling, and cap the tooth with a new crown so that it won’t break. In some more complicated cases, our doctors may refer you to an endodontist (root canal specialist). Pricing of root canals (AKA root canal therapy or RCT) depends on several factors, including: Which tooth is affected? Front teeth are typically much easier to access and work on; therefore work on them will usually cost less. Rear teeth, like molars, are more difficult to access and often require more work. Is additional restoration required (i.e., crowns, bridges)? Teeth requiring root canals often have large cavities or other decay. Additional restoration work is usually recommended to prevent further damage to the fragile tooth. Has there been a root canal performed on the tooth before? If the tooth has had a root canal performed on it in the past, it complicates the procedure. This usually means an increase in time and cost of the procedure. Cost of the crown Once the root canal is completed, the tooth’s crown must be restored. Like the root canal, pricing of crown restoration depends on the tooth affected. Call us to set up an exam and x-ray to determine if a root canal is the right treatment for you, and if so, how much your root canal will cost.

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