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By: Chemplex - Solvay Group  11/18/2015
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The company’s commitment to making oilfield production greener is unwavering.

– As hydraulic fracturing becomes an accepted oil and natural gas production practice across the country, the Chemplex Solvay Group is dedicated to making it a greener proposition. By constantly striving to deliver greener, more effective chemicals for the production process, the company aims to make fracturing as low-impact on the environment as possible so people can reap the benefits of shale oil and natural gas operations.

“The hydraulic fracturing process has become greener and less impactful overall, but that doesn’t mean we’re satisfied with the status quo,” explained one of Chemplex Solvay’s officials. “By working to develop production chemicals that draw on natural agents, such as guar beans for gelling, we are continuously looking for breakthroughs that will enhance production and make it safer while leaving as small a footprint behind as possible.”

Hydraulic fracturing is an oil and natural gas production method that enables companies to drill into and fracture shale deposits to access the precious resources found inside. Hydraulic fracturing is a viable option for freeing natural gas deposits from the earth. These deposits can then be used to create electricity, offering a viable, greener option to coal-burning power plans. While the environmental benefits of natural gas versus coal are indisputable, the fracturing process itself does call for the use of chemicals to successfully tap into resources. This is where companies like Chemplex Solvay come into the picture.

“Oilfield chemicals are critical for just about every phase of production,” Chemplex Solvay officials say. “From helping create appropriate concrete barriers between production wells and other resources, such as ground water, to promoting greater production to extend the life of a well and its production capacity, chemicals play a critical role. It is our commitment to ensure these chemicals are as safe and low-impact as possible. That’s why we’re dedicated to green chemistry every step of the way.”

Chemplex Solvay has created an extensive line of green products for use in oilfield production, including friction reducers, washout fluid, scale inhibitors and acid corrosion inhibitors. To find out more, visit the company online at .

About Chemplex
provides companies in the oil and gas industry a competitive advantage through its comprehensive offering of quality fluid systems designed to meet specific location needs in cementing, stimulation (including fracturing) and acidizing.

Keywords: oilfield acidizing

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