Exploring the Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing

By: Chemplex - Solvay Group  11/18/2015
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Find out how this process benefits communities and the environment.

Snyder, TX, Nov 17, 2015 – As hydraulic fracturing operations become accepted in states across the country some people find themselves trying to play catchup with the pros and cons of this method for accessing oil and natural gas deposits within the earth. When the process is better understood, however, the benefits for people and even the environment as a whole become quite clear.

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking for short, involves a different process for accessing natural resources. Instead of straight-down wells into earth, these wells are dug into shale deposits. Shale is known to contain rich deposits of oil and natural gas, but it demands a different process to access. Like a standard oil or gas well, hydraulic fracturing begins with drilling into the earth’s surface. A well is created that leads to a shale deposit. This deposit then must be broken up or “fractured” to make its hidden oil or natural gas flow. Achieving this goal calls for pumping water, sand and wellfield chemicals into the shale deposit. Once the resource is accessed, it may then be pumped out for use.

“This process is a major breakthrough that enables people to access valuable natural resources more readily in locations that might not traditionally be associated with gas or oil production,” explain the officials at Chemplex Solvay. “The benefits of a well-designed, safely operated fracturing operation go beyond financial to include potential positives for the environment, as well.”

When hydraulic fracturing is made possible in a region or state, communities and those who live within them benefit from:

· Enhanced access to cleaner burning, cheaper natural gas. This is a win for the environment overall while also a benefit for consumers’ budgets versus costly coal burning electrical production processes.

· The creation of jobs. Hydraulic fracturing operations create high-paying, steady jobs in states not typically associated with wellfield production. These jobs boost local economies, creating a spinoff effect.

· Reduced need to ship in resources. When natural gas and oil production is available locally, the need to truck these sometimes volatile resources hundreds and even thousands of miles for use is reduced. This can help prevent environmental mishaps that sometimes occur in transport while also lowering domestic dependency on foreign resources.

“As hydraulic fracturing continues to gain acceptance across the country, it’s important for people to do their research before making a judgement about this alternative method for accessing resources we all need to survive and thrive,” Chemplex Solvay officials say. “Rest assured that drilling companies and chemical companies like Chemplex Solvay are working around the clock to enhance production, lower environmental impacts even more and ensure that hydraulic fracturing delivers benefits for everyone.”

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