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Breast Augmentation from North Texas Plastic Surgery

By: North Texas Plastic Surgery  10/15/2014
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Get the Look You Desire with Breast Augmentation from Dr Obaid.

Breast size can be a key component in feeling confident, healthy and attractive for many women. Breast Augmentation may be your best option for creating the look you deserve. If you aren’t happy with your breast size or shape, Dr Obaid can help.

Which Breast Implants are Best for Me?
There are several options to choose from when selecting the best type of implant for you. Dr. Obaid will guide you through every step of the process. As part of our consult, we will explain all of the options available and also have samples of the different implants so you can feel the difference between silicone and saline devices. After discussing your goals and conducting an examination, Dr. Obaid will work to pick the implant that is the perfect size, shape and material… for YOU! He will discuss placement above or below the muscle with you, as well as customize a surgical approach that is the best to allow for optimal shape, size, and scar camouflage for your desired look!

Keywords: Breast Augmentation

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Dr. Obaid specializes in lifting the breasts and restoring a youthful appearance to them. In his Southlake office, Dr. Obaid will explain all of your surgical options with you. The breasts can be lifted while at the same time increasing the breast size, maintaining them their current size or reducing their size. Together, you and Dr. Obaid will discuss your goals, questions and concerns and the best operation for YOU will be selected.

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It is true that diet and exercise are an important component of a healthy lifestyle. Eating well and regular exercise can and will change a person’s appearance. We all know people; however, that no matter how much they diet and exercise, they cannot seem to lose fat in certain areas of their bodies. Liposuction solves this problem. Liposuction removes fat from the most cosmetically sensitive areas of a patient’s body, allowing the surgeon to sculpt the perfect you!

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The goal of a tummy tuck is to give you a slimmer, sexier midsection. Dr. Obaid’s does this by working on three levels. The first is it removes extra skin that may develop with age, pregnancy or weight changes. The second is that it removes some of the fat around your waistline. Finally, Dr. Obaid also tightens the muscles of the midsection to give you a firmer trimmer waist.

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A mommy makeover is designed to reverse the changes a woman’s body experiences with pregnancy. The hormones of pregnancy, the weight gain, and subsequent breast feeding cause the breast tissue itself to enlarge. As the breast tissue enlarges, the skin of the breast stretches. When pregnancy and breast feeding are completed, the breast tissue shrinks down again, but the skin does not. As a result, many women are left with breasts that were not as perky as they were before the pregnancy.