TABC Certification

By:  10/02/2014
Keywords: Professional Bartending, Alcohol Certification

The TABC course provides you with the skills to be a responsible server-seller of alcohol. You will learn the laws regulating alcoholic beverages, intoxicated persons, minors and non-members of a private club, including… Spotting underage drinkers and preventing sales to minors Recognizing signs of intoxication Intervention techniques Handling refusal situations with confidence Creating safer communities and establishments where alcohol is served Educate owners, managers and waitstaff on dram shop insurance, state laws, and local ordinances associated with alcohol service The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) is committed to seller/server training. Quality training equips sellers, servers and managers with the necessary skills to identify and prevent sales of alcoholic beverages to minors, intoxicated persons, and non-members of a private club. The course is provided by certified private businesses whose curriculum has been approved by the TABC and whose trainers are also certified. Most employers require seller/servers to be certified prior to selling/serving alcoholic drinks. In addition, the TABC offers incentives such as Safe Harbor and possible administrative relief against an establishments’ liquor license if everyone is certified. TABC Certification Course Curriculum The definition of intoxication. The law pertaining to intoxicated persons, minors and identification. How to detect intoxication, minors and improper identification. How to monitor customer behavior. How to use a chart showing the effects of alcohol based on: the size, type and number of drinks; body weight; the sex of the drinker; and the passage of time. The dangers of alcohol poisoning. Intervention pertaining to intoxication and minors. Sanctions for employee violations.

Keywords: Alcohol Certification, Professional Bartending