The New World Marketplace by Farnaz Wallace

By: Farnaz Global  05/23/2016
Keywords: inspirational speaker for women, Farnaz Wallace, The New World Marketplace,

How Women, Youth, and Multiculturalism are Shaping Our Future by Farnaz Wallace Do you feel that? It's the ground moving beneath you. A rapid cultural shift has occurred over the last decade, but it's not being addressed. For better or worse, the world of Mad Men is dead. In its place lives a world pulsing with a culturally diverse makeup of social models relationships, businesses, and leaders. Consider the following projections: -China will soon be the number one English-speaking country in the world -The majority of the United States will soon be non-white -For every two men graduating from college, three women graduate, with better GPAs -85% all major buying decisions are made by women -The videogame industry is now bigger than professional baseball Now more than ever, leaders and companies must find ways to stay relevant in a world that is fundamentally different from the one being taught in textbooks. In The New World Marketplace experienced consultant and thought leader Farnaz Wallace breaks down these changes into three macro trends: 1. The shifting roles of women at home and at work 2. The new values and ideological power of youth culture 3. The growth and influence of multicultural consumers and societies These three trends-once considered small niches-are now major target markets, and businesses must communicate to them in order to stay relevant and prosperous. In The New World Marketplace you will see the societal transformations clearly, and gain the tools to address them, both professionally and personally. Your eyes will be opened to the possibilities for new social models, leadership, and of course business models that will succeed.

Keywords: Farnaz Wallace, inspirational speaker for women, The New World Marketplace,