Bat Removal

By: Wildernex  08/14/2015
Keywords: Bat Removal, Bat Control

Bats are considered to be one of nature’s most beneficial creatures; however, they can become a serious threat in or near human spaces. Bats are carriers of numerous diseases that can cause respiratory ailments, viral infections, and fungal infections. With every bat colony you will find the presence of bat droppings, commonly known as guano, which act as a food source for cockroaches and various other insects. Guano accumulation will lead to an unpleasant odor and can cause serious health problems. As bat populations continue to increase within a roosting site, the potential for bat and human encounters also increases. This is a serious threat as bats are common carriers of the rabies virus, which is fatal if contracted. Direct encounters can result in the necessity to receive immediate preventative treatments which typically cost thousands of dollars. According to Texas Health Commission, rabies in Texas is an ongoing state health emergency. Therefore, according to the Rabies Control and Eradication Administrative Code (Chapter 169. Administrative Code) Rules of the Board of Health for the Rabies Control Act (Chapter 826. Texas Health and Safety Code). Guano accumulations commonly harbor an infectious agent known as Histoplasmobatssis that becomes easily airborne. This is a serious respiratory disease causing lung scaring and is potentially fatal. Health records show that humans have contracted as many as sixty diseases from bats. Along with serious health threats imposed by the presence of bats, there is also the alarming physical damage that is commonly caused from bat colonies. Bats cause millions of dollars in the U.S. every year with the accumulation of guano in and around structures which have corrosive effects on metal, paint, fabric, and many other building materials. We commonly find bats roosting in homes and commercial buildings that find their way in through cracks and gaps as small as 1/3rd of an inch. These gaps are found in siding, brick to fascia, chimneys, gable vents, roof caps, weep holes, and more. If you suspect and odor from guano, hear high pitch or screeching vocalizations of bats, or see bats flying in or out of your home or office, Wildernex can provide the bat removal and bat control services you need to ensure you and your family, employees, and guest are safe. Bat control consists of removing bats from the structure in a safe and humane method. Bats are protected by state and federal laws and therefore must be removed from a structure with the bats safety in mind. As previously mentioned bats are also carriers of the rabies virus. When dealing with animals that commonly carry rabies, there are specific regulations that must be followed according to the Rabies Control and Eradication Administrative Code (Chapter 169. Administrative Code) Rules of the Board of Health for the Rabies Control Act (Chapter 826. Texas Health and Safety Code). For these afore mentioned reasons, bat removal should bats2always be handled by a professional wildlife biologist which is exactly what you get when you choose Wildernex for your bat removal and long term bat control services. As bats are removed from the structure, we will also provide exclusion repairs to the entire building to prevent bats from finding any new roosting sites within the structure and prevent any future entry. Most bat exclusion services include a complete warranty against future bat invasions. These warranties are renewable from year to year and Wildernex will provide services at no charge if bats return during the warranty period.

Keywords: Bat Control, Bat Removal

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