Reflection MK2 Integrated Amplifier

Reflection MK2 Integrated Amplifier from Raven Audio

By: Raven Audio  02/12/2016
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The Reflection Integrated is all hand-wired point-to-point with silver-plated PTFE-coated conductors, three types of solder and a pure-copper buss bar. The Reflection is equipped with an ALPS 20k ohm motorized volume control and an upgrade to a Tokyo Ko-on attenuator is available upon request. Raven Audio amplifiers are made with quality parts like V-Cap, Mundorf, MIT-RTX capacitors and Hammond transformers allied with classic tubes like Telefunkens, Valvo, Tung Sol, Seimens, Amprex, Sylvania, RCA, Philips, GE, National, KenRad and Tungsram. All Raven Audio amplifiers are self-biasing; you never have to adjust tubes for a perfect match. We understand that the richness, the closeness, the true human-like emotional musicality of tube components is totally captivating and completely unsurpassed by any solid state or digital amplification. Perfection is NOT what makes music beautiful and emotionally captivating - and Raven Audio has designed the Reflection MK-2 Integrated to give the music lover big system performance in a compact, handsome package. Besides sounding wonderful, Raven Audio products have a sumptuous look and feel. Stunning may be a better description - in both the looks and sound departments!

Keywords: best tube amps for music, Reflection MK2 Integrated Amplifier,

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