Pharmaceutical Products vs. Nutritional Supplements by Vox Private Label Supplements

By: Private Label Supplements  08/08/2014
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America is known for its large spending in the healthcare system, and because medicine is big business, so are the rates in which you receive it. In fact, the rates for medicine are, on average, four times higher when compared to other businesses in the U.S. This, in turn, has made the pharmaceutical industry, otherwise known as “Big Pharma”, the most wealthy and most competitive in the world. Within the last ten years, however, thanks to growing industries such as the private label supplement and private label nutrition industries, the pharmaceutical business has been challenged. Offering healthier alternatives to otherwise dangerous and addictive medicine and pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplement products have, lately, seemed to come out on top. New medical products are on the rise, for medical conditions varying from obesity to kidney problems, depression, and skin conditions such as eczema and acne. These nutritional supplements have risen in popularity due to the fact that, unlike pharmaceutical products, they’re a healthy alternative to treating conditions many of us face daily. Many private label supplements offer your daily amount of minerals and nutrients your body needs to function properly, and have many anti-oxidant qualities, helping keep your body strong in fighting free radicals. Pharmaceutical products, such as high-potency pain killers, try to mask the problems in your body instead of treating them, and, more often than not, cause a dangerous and sometimes fatal outcome. In fact, pharmaceutical products and prescription medicines are the fourth leading cause of death in America. Many are grateful to have a healthy alternative like private label vitamins and private label supplements that aren’t a danger to keep in their houses, in reach of children or family members. Although pharmaceutical products are controlled and regulated by the USFDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) and private label supplements are not, many private label manufacturers are FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) Registered, which means they manufacture everything in their facilities to FDA codes, and many also follow GMP (Good Manufacturers Practice) guidelines, to provide the most quality products. Benefits of supplements is that they are also available over-the-counter, which means a doctor’s note and doctor’s bill are not required. Pharmaceutical products are known for their fatal side effects, as many pharmaceuticals are chemical-based, including ingredients some find even hard to pronounce, much less know the meaning of or how they can cause your body to react. When you receive supplements, however, many are made from natural substances, and have been shown to have less risk. Private label supplements are becoming increasingly more preferred than pharmaceutical medicines and products, and with less risk and less cost involved, it’s no surprise. To make the healthy switch from pharmaceutical products to private label nutrition, please see Vox Private Label Supplement Manufacturing facility. You can visit our website at for wholesale and private labeling. Phone sales are received at 800-795-7161.

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