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By: Business Visibility Solutions  01/19/2015
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I worked for a company selling internet advertising, websites and AdWords packages for several years, and found there is a huge gaping hole for most small businesses when it comes to an affordable and effective internet presence. Understandably, most small business owners are just trying to survive and it takes all of your time and effort just to 1) figure out where the next client/dollar is coming from, 2) spend the hours either running the shop or performing the service, and 3) taking care of the dozens of administrative functions it takes to own and operate a small business. The last thing you want to do at the end of the day is trying to figure out how to get better visibility on the internet. Many of you who had the guts to tackle it on your own ended up quitting after a couple of months of frustration, or it just kept getting shoved to the back burner. I can't tell you how many countless websites I've seen with incomplete or outdated information, broken links, pages under construction, etc. I feel your pain! My goal with this business is to provide you with a cost-effective, simple solution and to take the worry and frustration out of getting you the internet presence you deserve. I specialize in small, quick and inexpensive packages, but if you need something more complex we can help you with that, too. Check out our website at: Jim´╗┐

Keywords: Online Directory Listings, Search Engine Optimization Services, Social Media Marketing, Website Design

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