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By: Layton Real Estate Lawyer Legal Services  06/16/2012
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A collection lawyer can also be hired by a person who feels they are being harassed or mistreated by a debt collector. A collection lawyer is also used by the business looking to collect a debt. A collection lawyer is usually the last arm when it comes to collecting on a debt. Normally, letters are sent to inform clients about the attempt to collect money owed. The second step the collection of the debt is sent to a collection agency.

This is where the harassment or miss treatment to the client can appear and a collection lawyer may be hired to assist them. Debt collection agencies have rules they must follow that prohibit conduct that reflects an unprofessional or harassing means of collecting a debt. When this occurs a collection lawyer familiar with collection law can file for appropriate remedy for these violation. Any debtor, who feels harassed or improperly contacted by a debt collector, should contact a collection lawyer for assistance.

These debt collectors must also inform the debtor of who they are the reason for the call, name of the creditor and their right to dispute that debt. If these rules are not followed a debtor may contact a collections lawyer to determine if they can sue the debtor for damages. Debtors should be aware that some debt collection agencies buy old or discharged debts from creditors for pennies on the dollar. They then contact the debtor and harass them about pending law suit to try to recover the money. If this happen to you, contact a collection lawyer as soon as possible.

Keywords: Collection Lawyers

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