MS-140 Weather Station

MS-140 Weather Station from Dyacon, Inc.

By: Dyacon, Inc.  08/07/2014
Keywords: Weather Instruments, Lawn & Garden Products, Automated Weather Station

Dyacon MS-140TM has been configured specifically with the grower in mind. Monitoring soil and weather conditions helps evaluate irrigation requirements and manage your resource allocation by providing your with real, local information. This solar power weather station with embedded cell phone provides excellent installation flexibility and portability. MS-140 includes a standard compliment of air and wind sensors as well as soil moisture and soil temperature. Add the tripod to for easy installation and get the system up and running right out of the box. Weather reports and alarms are sent directly to your cell phone as text messages, no special software, websites, or computer programs. Alerts can be set for low soil moisture, temperature, lightning, high wind, humidity, and other conditions. Feature Summary SMS (Text Message) Weather Reports USB Configuration Air TemperatureRelative Humidity Barometric Pressure Soil Moisture Sensor Soil Temperature Lightning Detection Rain Gauge (option added separately) MS-140 uses the same control module as other Dyacon MS-1xx weather stations, so the standard Dyacon communication features such Modbus, USB configuration, and Weather Underground compatibility are included. Data logging is built in to all Dyacon weather stations.

Keywords: Automated Weather Station, Lawn & Garden Products, Weather Instruments

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