MS-150 Weather Station

MS-150 Weather Station from Dyacon, Inc.

By: Dyacon, Inc.  08/07/2014
Keywords: Agriculture, Rural Communities, Farmers And Ranchers

A meteorological station ready to go, right out of the box. Dyacon MS-150TM includes a full range of weather instruments. The basic wind and air sensors are expanded with a rain gauge, submersible temperature probe, and solar sensor. This provides a full range of measurement capability for amateur meteorologists. Whether you connect to Weather Underground receive reports on your cell phone through SMS text message, or build your own charts with logged data, Dyacon MS-150 can provide a rich data set for your use. Like all Dyacon weather stations, MS-150 includes all of the hardware to mount your weather station to a mast or flat surface. The rain gauge mounting kit is for use on the ground. For even better performance and flexibility, add the tripod option. The tripod provides a stable platform for mounting your weather station on a hill top, in your back yard, or a remote location. MS-150 can also be connected to Modbus host controllers or industrial automation controllers, such as PLCs. (More about Modbus.) Feature Summary SMS (Text Message) Weather Reports USB Configuration Air Temperature Relative Humidity Barometric Pressure Solar Sensor Soil (Thermistor) Temperature Rain Gauge Modbus Slave Data Logger Lightning Detection Watch for the introduction of Smart-Fan aspirator, an add-on for the radiation shield.

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