O-Cal-ette Nursing Cups

By: Pharmics  12/16/2015
Keywords: Nursing, Breastfeeding, breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding has benefits for both the mother and the child. Breastfeeding should be enjoyable - not painful. Discover how O-Cal-ette nursing cups (breast shells) can help so the baby can latch on easier and how the O-Cal-ettes can help alleviate the unpleasant side effects of nursing. O-Cal-ette Nursing Cups (breast shell) are to be worn inside the bra, simply slip the O-Cal-ette Nursing Cup over the breast, making sure the nipple protrudes into the opening. This will assure good positioning, no slipping and a smooth, natural look under clothing. Also check to see that the ventilation channel is at the top of the breast. This exclusive feature allows air to enter, keeping the nipples dry and comfortable, which will also help to heal delicate nipple tissue. Breastfeeding should be enjoyable, not painful. Helps Correct Flat or Inverted Nipples. Provides Relief from Swollen Sore Breasts. Helps Heal Tender, Irritated, Chapped & Cracked Nipples. Easy to Clean and May be Sterilized. Economical, Long Lasting and Reusable. Safe and Easy to Use. To Order Call: 800-456-4138 For the Comfort and Convenience of the Nursing Mother O-Cal-ettes breastshells can be used prior to delivery to help correct flat or inverted nipples, which allows the baby to latch on easier. Provides relief from swollen, engorged breasts by exerting a slight but constant pressure on the breast to release excess milk. Helps heal tender, irritated, chapped and cracked nipples by allowing air circulation. Protects nipples from sticking to bra or nursing pads and other irritations. Protects clothing from moisture and stains and prevents possible embarrassment due to leakage. Collects leaking milk between feedings. Easy to use and may be sterilized. Economical, reusable and long-lasting. To be used in place of nursing pads. Physician recommended, used by hospitals throughout the country.

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