By: McFarland Chiropractic  12/10/2014
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(What about the Titanic sinking and your symptoms?) The first words out of your mouth were probably, “What does the sinking of the Titanic have to do with my health? The connection is the “nature” of an iceberg in comparison to your symptoms. Since the sinking of the Titanic, icebergs have always been associated with sinking a ship. These amazing structures jut out of the sea and are something to behold. The part below the surface is even more breathtaking. Its size above the surface is small in comparison to the portion that is unseen beneath the surface. Symptoms are like icebergs. The top is only a small indication of the real problem below. Pain is only the tip of the iceberg. Pain is just a warning sign. Most patients don’t understand that we focus on the “cause” of your pain. An imbalance in your body can cause pain, but masking your pain with medication will not return your body to a state of balance. Do the following experiment to better understand this point. It’ll only take a few minutes and you can do something else during this experiment. 1. First of all, find a rubber band and twist it around our index finger…tight. If you need one, please ask at the front desk. We will be more than happy to supply you with one. 2. Then do something for about 10 minutes, and leave the rubber band on you index finger without pulling or tugging on it. What happens to your finger after 10 minutes? What does it feel like after having the rubber band wrapped around it the entire time? Did it turn red and start hurting? Could you tell that your finger had something wrong with it? Is this pain a symptom or not? So what do you want to do about this new found pain caused by direct pressure from the rubber band? You have several options to deal with the pain you are now experiencing. 1. Ignore it and hope that it gets better since it’s a pain symptom. 2. Wiggle the finger to temporarily relieve your pain. 3. Take Tylenol or Advil, or some other brand of painkiller to cover it up. 4. Cut off your finger. Remove the pain with surgery. Unfortunately, all these options have pros and cons, but none of the reasons above actually deal with the CAUSE of your pain. The best thing to do in this case is to remove the CAUSE of the pain, the RUBBER BAND! The rubber band symbolizes interference to your nervous system. Once the interference (rubber band) is removed, the body starts to heal itself and returns to a normal balance. The crew of the Titanic could see the tip of the iceberg, but it was the part they could not see which actually caused the Titanic to SINK! How often are you checked for subluxations? Be sure to get regular chiropractic adjustments. Your health depends on it. Don’t just go by your pain or symptoms. You could have an underlying problem that only chiropractic can help.

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