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Low Back Pain from McFarland Chiropractic

By: McFarland Chiropractic  12/10/2014
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Low Back Pain (Lumbago) Most Americans will suffer from low back pain at some point in their life. Sadly, most try to push through the pain by using over the counter pain killers, muscle relaxers, and prescription drugs; this addresses the symptom (pain) but not the cause of the pain. You may have heard someone say, "I threw my back out." This term can be taken very literally when you are suffering from back or hip pain that you have a subluxation somewhere in the lumbar portion of your spine or hips that has been thrown out of proper positioning. Dr. McFarland will locate the area that is causing the pain (please note that where you are feeling pain and the area that is causing the pain may be different) and provide chiropractic adjustment either using an adjusting instrument or side posture technique to mobilize and correct the positioning or the said area. For more information about low back pain please visit Dr. McFarland's blog at: http://www.drmarkmcfarlandblog.com/category/back-pain www.headachesandbackpain.com

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