Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor Vehicle Accident from McFarland Chiropractic

By: McFarland Chiropractic  12/10/2014
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Most people mistakenly think that a fender-bender car wreck is not serious. The problem is that even low velocity collisions can cause serious underlying damage. It may very well be weeks or months before you realize you were injured. In many cases arthritis can also occur years later as a result of not being properly examined, diagnosed and treated. The delicate neck muscles, tendons and ligaments are small and susceptible to injury. The human head weighs approximately 10 pounds. The head whips backward then forward or side to side if the collision occurs from a side impact. The weight of the head overstretches the connective tissues which are often torn. The force of an impact is determined by the weight of the vehicle times (x) the speed : mass x velocity = force. So even a small car of 2000 lbs traveling at 25 mph has 50,000 lbs of force! A person who doesn’t sustain a fracture, (no broken bones) is often relieved by what appears to be good news from the Emergency Room doctor. X-rays are negative. As a trained chiropractic physician, Dr. McFarland can take a closer look at the x-rays and see areas where the spine’s connective tissues have been damaged and help avoid future potential problems; such as advanced accelerated degenerative joint disease & arthritis. (A broken bone heals stronger than it was before), a torn ligament and tendon has permanent scar tissue. Regardless of your symptoms you need to be check by Dr. McFarland. He uses computerized sEMG technology and thorough orthopedic and neurological testing to detect what x-rays might miss with his unique diagnostic testing procedures. Many chronic headache sufferer’s can attribute their neck injury (following a motor vehicle accident) as the major factor and cause to their condition. Just because you have no immediate symptom, doesn’t mean you won’t have problems later. Chronic myofacial pain is a real debilitating thing you don’t want to just let it happen. Don’t do this: “...thinking well nothing was broke, I’ll just take some pain pills, muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. I’m surer it’ll feel better in a week or two.” You need to have an expert like Dr. McFarland who has had extensive training and years of experience helping effective and gently treat accident victims. SYMPTOMS, CALL IMMEDIATELY TO SCHEDULE AN EXAMINATION FOR A 2ND OPINION & MAKE SURE NOTHING IS WRONG MIGRAINE HEADACHE NUMBNESS OR TINGLING IN LIMBS STIFF/PAINFUL NECK NAUSEA DIZZINESS PAINFUL BACK MUSCLE SPASM NERVOUSNESS INSOMNIA POOR CIRCULATION MENTAL DULLNESS RAPID HEART BEAT CONSTIPATION/DIARRHEA TENSION ACHE ALL OVER FATIGUE LOSS OF MOTION BLACKOUTS MUSCLE SWELLING OTHER ________ AFTER WRECK -UP

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