By: M & M Service Station  08/31/2014
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TRADITIONAL LEADED RACE FUELS: Sunoco Race Fuels has a wide range of traditional, leaded racing gasolines which are for off-road use only. Standard Leaded 110 - Sunoco's all-purpose leaded racing fuel with a winning heritage, Sunoco Standard provides quality, performance, and consistency for ease of tuning. It is ideal for virtually all forms of motorsports, including circle track, drag, motorcycle, road racing, off-shore powerboat, and off-road. It also features a broad range additive package for protection from oxidation, corrosion, and deposit formation. Sunoco Standard is designed for competition engines with compression ratios up to 13:1. Supreme Leaded 112 - A true high performance leaded racing fuel designed for sophisticated race engines which routinely function between 7,000-10,000 rpm. Sunoco Supreme is trusted by some of the most respected names in motorsports. It is specially formulated with low sensitivity to achieve a high motor octane value for increased protection against detonation under severe operating conditions. Sunoco Supreme is recommended for two-and four-stroke applications up to 15:1 compression ratio. For more details:

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