Blood of Ancient Kings

Blood of Ancient Kings from V.J.O. Gardner

By: V.J.O. Gardner  10/01/2014
Keywords: Books, Military, Fighting

You would think that for the crown prince of Brinley life would be great, but that’s far from the truth. He has no name and must conceal his identity when he enters the military. When he is sent to deliver a message to the overthrown tyrant King Burkhart he falls in love with the one woman he knows he can’t have. The village is Aurita’s prison for something her father did before she was born. She secretly loves the crown prince of Brinley then falls in love with a handsome soldier who refuses to tell her his name. Her heart is torn between the two. The problem is she is betrothed to a stranger. Available in both paperback and eBook.

Keywords: Books, Fighting, Medieval, Military, Swords

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