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By: swimming pool covers  07/22/2014
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poolcovers.com offering some of the top pool covers manufacturing plants to serve all of North America and the world.we’ve helped design and manufacture automatic pool covers to fit almost any shape, style and new custom pool covers construction or existing pool, above ground pool cover an automatic pool covers or need a safety pool camera, Pool Cover Specialists® has what you need! n short…when you are not at home or not using your backyard or pool, your automatic swimming pool cover is on the job protecting you and your family and saving you money. And, when you want to enjoy your backyard and pool…your pool cover can be opened and hidden away in seconds. So, don’t get all caught up on how pretty the pool cover is, although they are definitely NOT ugly and DO NOT destroy the look and feel of your backyard environment even when they are covering your pool because when your Pool Cover is on the job, it’s an incredible tool that is; saving you energy, reducing your maintenance, reducing chemical consumption, saving water, and most importantly…saving the lives of family, friends, children and pets…and, you are usually not there to look at it anyway! Ok…but…what if you want to keep the pool cover closed and covering your pool…AND…be in the backyard? This is still not a major issue as the major pool cover manufacturers, like Pool Cover Specialists® for example, have an average of 10 (ten) different cover colors that can help blend the pool cover into the color scheme of your backyard environment, and they can even create custom colors if you don’t mind paying a premium. Other design or construction ideas/options to be aware of are “walk on” tray lids, which cover the housing unit and blend into the pool setting or pool coping. In addition to this, the pool cover can be retracted in such a way that the leading edge bar of the cover can be completely hidden from view, so there is no trace of the cover itself when retracted, making it invisible. On deck mount units you can also buy or build a housing that covers the system and cover but is also an attractive and useful bench or plant stand. Don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss your situation, you’ll be happy you did, and if you have any other questions about Automatic Pool Covers, or are interested in getting one for your pool, call us at 800-369-5152 or click below and we’ll contact you at your indicated convenience.

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