iOS 9 Update - Wait!

iOS 9 Update - Wait! from DC iPhone Experts

By: DC iPhone Experts  01/04/2016
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It’s incredible how fast technology moves these days, isn’t it? Believe it or not, iOS 9 was announced today! This can be either great news or bad news for you. If you are properly prepared for this update, it will be wonderful news. However, there are many ways this can be a bad thing for you. If you currently have an iPhone that is running slow and is having problems, including not enough memory, DO NOT update to iOS 9! It is counterproductive to upload brand new software on top of old software that is running slow and having problems. To prepare for iOS 9, first clean up your iPhone! I cannot emphasize this enough. It can really be frustrating for you if you don’t clean up your iPhone first. Its also dangerous to do this because sometimes the install doesn’t work on top of bad software, and then the phone crashes. The best thing to do is WAIT for the 9.0.1 update which will be released very soon after the iOS 9. The reason to wait is simply that the first release of major software is almost always prone to bugs and glitches. Another reason to wait is that a lot of the apps take time to be updated. If you upgrade the first day, many apps won’t work. The old saying, “it is never too late,” does not apply here. Take the extra time and effort to prepare for this update to save you hours of frustration at lost/deleted data such as photos and texts. You will be thankful you did. I will be happy to assist you with this iOS 9 Update preparation. You reach me at [email protected] or via phone: 703-508-6779. Talk soon!

Keywords: iOS 9, iOS apple support, IOS Support,