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By: Law Offices Of Nader Hasan P.C.  08/31/2014
Keywords: Dui Lawyer, Criminal Attorney, Defense Lawyer As of July 1, 2014 the Virginia Child Support Guidelines have changed. The revised guidelines will increase child support in some cases and decrease child support in other cases. The new law allows paying and receiving parents to seek a modification in support without any other change in the parties’ circumstances. However, it is important to meet with an attorney and discuss your specific circumstances prior to filing for a modification. The new law does away with the presumptive minimum child support obligation of $65 per month and instead, states that if the gross income of the paying party is less than 150% of the federal poverty level, then the court may set an obligation below the presumptive statutory minimum upon hearing evidence that the party has no ability to pay that amount. The amount that is set must not seriously impair the custodial parent’s ability to maintain housing and basic necessities for the child. The new law also includes a guideline formula for parents with combined monthly income up to $35,000. The prior law also only provided a child support guideline formula for cases where the combined monthly income of the parents was up to $10,000, above which it provided percentages for calculating support.

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