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Tree Pruning from RTEC Treecare

By: RTEC Treecare  05/17/2016
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Tree Pruning, often referred to as tree trimming or tree cutting, is one of the most important aspects in maintaining long lasting, healthy trees. Pruning your trees provides numerous health, aesthetic, safety, and visual access benefits. BENEFITS: Safety: Pruning your trees can help ensure the safety of your property and the people around it. Proper pruning creates & maintains a strong tree structure, preventing safety hazards such as low growing and dead branches. Aesthetics: Pruning brings out the natural beauty of your trees and landscape. Proper pruning will promote new growth, more vibrant colors, and keep your tree looking neat and tidy. Health: Pruning your trees will eliminate dead and diseased branches. By removing these branches you help stop the spread of disease and insects within the rest of your tree, as well as reduce unnecessary weight carried by the tree. Visual Access: Pruning your tree can increase you property’s value and enhance its beauty by opening up your landscape, allowing more sunlight into your yard and improving your view. TYPES OF PRUNING: There are multiple types of pruning used to achieve different results. Our certified arborist will evaluate your trees and your concerns to provide you with the best type of pruning to achieve your desired results. Maintenance tree pruning is the process in which dead, dying, diseased, crossing branches are removed, depending on the species and health. Hazard reduction tree pruning is the process in which larger deadwood is removed for safety. Vista tree pruning is performed when there is a view that the tree branches are blocking, this can be performed by selectively removing limbs without injuring the tree. Crown Raising is the process in which the lower branches are removed, most commonly in areas where there is a driveway, walk-way, or parking area. Crown Reduction is pruning less than 1/3 of the tree’s crowns or for the purpose of shaping. Tree pruning cut back branches from structures such as sidewalks, lights, and buildings. Fine tree pruning is most commonly performed on smaller or immature trees that have smaller branches and deadwood.

Keywords: Shrub Trimming, Tree Cutting, Tree Pruning, Tree Trimming