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By: Richmond Va Chiropractors  11/26/2011

5 Important Tips For Choosing A Qualified Chiropractor In Richmond Virginia

The chiropractic industry is mostly comprised of trustworthy practitioners. These are providers who are dependable, honest, and seek to improve the health and lives of their patients. Like every profession, however, this branch of medical care has its share of providers who place their interests in front of their patients. The challenge is separating the former from the latter. This article will offer several tips to help you find a reliable, responsible chiropractor you can trust to look after your health.

#1 – Look For Specialties That Meet Your Needs

Many chiropractic physicians are general practitioners, similar to medical doctors who treat a variety of illnesses. Hence, they address problems related to joint pain, headaches, repetitive motion injuries, and even allergies. Other professionals focus on specific needs. For example, they might specialize in helping pregnant women who are suffering from intense lower back and leg pain. Others focus on herniated discs, whiplash, and rotator cuff injuries.

If you’re looking for chiropractic treatment that can resolve a variety of issues, a general practitioner is a good choice. On the other hand, specific types of pain may call for a more specialized approach.

#2 – Recommendations From Friends And Family

There’s a good chance someone you know and trust already receives professional chiropractic care. Ask for recommendations. Also, ask for referrals from your coworkers, medical doctor, and acquaintances. While doing your own due diligence is important, recommendations from those you trust serve as an ideal starting point.

#3 – Due Diligence Regarding Education And Licensing

In the United States, a chiropractic doctor is required to complete at least four years of training from an accredited institution. Moreover, prior to being accepted into a formal program, candidates are required to have completed at least three years of undergraduate study. In total, a professional chiropractor needs a minimum of seven years of training.

Also, keep in mind practitioners are licensed by the state in which they practice. In order to receive their license, they must pass an exam overseen by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE). Renewing their license requires ongoing education.

This is noteworthy because the chiropractic industry is highly-regulated in order to protect patients. For this reason, make sure the chiropractor you’re considering has completed the necessary schooling and has the required license.

#4 – Ask About The Treatment Strategies Used

There are many treatment methods used by professional chiropractors when adjusting their patients. Some of these methods are more appropriate than others based on a patient’s age, health, and goals for the treatment. For example, many practitioners use instruments to adjust their patients’ spinal column while others use only their hands. Some use advanced techniques, such as Cox flexion-distraction, electrical stimulation, and cranial manipulation.

Ask the chiropractor to describe the methods he or she uses to perform adjustments. If you’re unclear about a given technique, ask for clarification. Most chiropractic doctors welcome questions from the patients and will explain their approach openly. They realize the more their patients understand about their approach, the more receptive they’ll be to treatment.

#5 – Note The Often-Neglected Details

As with any professional with whom you work, it’s important the chiropractor is willing to make the experience a positive one. He or she must be able to reliably meet appointments. If your schedule prevents your receiving an adjustment during the day, his or her office should be open during the evening. If your health insurance fails to cover certain treatments, will your chiropractor be willing to offer a discount? These details are often overlooked, but are important.

The process of selecting a qualified chiropractic physician is similar to the approach you would use in choosing a medical doctor. The benefit is that you’ll eventually find a professional who offers the level of care, expertise, and service you deserve.

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If vertebrae are out of alignment or compressed, they can trigger much of the jolting or throbbing pain that regularly plagues millions of people. Once a vertebral subluxation has been identified, your chiropractic doctor will apply pressure with his or her hands in a particular direction. With some types of adjustments, your chiropractor may use instruments in order to gain more control and deliver sufficient pressure.