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By: Vic's Tree Service  12/05/2014
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-Northern VA Tree Removal Service Once a tree becomes diseased or otherwise declines, it should be removed promptly. Signs of a tree needing to be removed can include everything from seeing branches with no leaves, missing bark, large holes or falling limps. A large tree that needs to be removed can pose a serious safety concern. Falling limbs and tree debris have even killed people! So when you need a tree removed, it is best to leave it to a professional. Vic’s Tree Service has the skills and experience – not to mention the right licensing and insurance – to complete any tree removal with ease. For A Limited Time, Save 15% On All Tree Removal Services. Call Us at: (703) 639-4612. -Local Tree Trimming Experts Vic’s Tree Service has the experience and skill to trim trees and do so with the care required to get the job done and preserve – or enhance – the health of the trees. Tree trimming services are just one of the many services we provide at Vic’s Tree Service. Having trees around your home is beautiful, but it is not uncommon for limbs to grow too close to structures to be safe. In other cases, foliage and limb growth can overpower the natural sunlight reaching your garden, lawn, kitchen, etc., or you may be worried that a storm could cause major damage to your tree. These are all instances where tree trimming may be the answer. -Stump Removal Tree Stump RemovalTaking a tree down is only half the battle. Even when the tree is taken close to the ground, the unsightly and potentially dangerous stump remains. Most often, we can use stump grinding equipment to remove the unwanted stump. The stump grinder comes in many sizes and depending on the equipment, may have some level of automation. The type of grinder we use depends first on the size of the stump, and second on where the stump is located. We remove many stumps from neighborhoods in Gainesville, VA, for example. Many of these jobs are to remove a stump that is right near a home, or fence line. In these cases, care must be taken not to destroy the surrounding features.

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