By: Ultimate Relaxation by Jade  07/08/2014
Keywords: Therapeutic Bodywork, Body Massage, Healing Touch Therapy

A Private Tranquil Haven awaits you. Inviting you to completely Rejuvenate, Renew, Relax, Refresh & Unwind from your daily stresses of life. You will have the best sleep you had in a long time. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust & deliver you one of the best Professional Bodywork with Ultimate Relaxation in the NOVA Extraordinary Professional Bodywork Every-Time. Every Appointment IS GUARANTEED To Be An experience you will not forget and one of the most memorable relaxation experiences you will ever encounter! An amazing depth of relaxation you will feel, as I slowly guide you to surrender into deep relaxation, while igniting all your senses. Always Serving You With Excellence and Professionalism. I Promise You, if your truly looking to be relaxed, look no further. I love the difference I make in people's quality of life with my bodywork. My expertise will guaranteed you relaxation, rejuvenation & the best sleep you had in months. You get superior quality with my bodywork. Hands touching your body, speaking a language sometimes foreign to even the most well-versed of beings. Stripping away stress. Quieting the voices of pain & feelings of discontent. We share moments of rebuilding. Thoughts of compassion. Increasing senses of well-being. It's the Vitamin R &T for Relaxing Touch. With one vision, one vibe, one moment. Melting away uncertainties from the inside & igniting a new passion for life. Your body deserves Extraordinary Deep Relaxation & to be touched with a caring compassion with knowledge of healing, with respect for your body, mind, emotions & soul. Your journey begins here with me. Knowing that you are safe, accepted without judgment, at your own level of comfort.

Keywords: Body Massage, Healing Touch Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Massage Oils, Reflexology Massage, Therapeutic Bodywork

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