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Automobile Accident Lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA

Personal Injury Lawyer In Virginia Beach, VA The law firm of Joynes & Gaidies is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Wrongful Death Claims

Many times families may not realize that wrongful conduct is what caused the fatality. Obviously, those who are deceased cannot tell us the full story. For example, if a person is ejected from a vehicle during an automobile collision, the police report may show the victim as being unrestrained, causing the family to wonder why a loved one who always wore a seat belt didn’t wear it the one time it was really needed. In reality, seat belts sometimes unlatch, and only a trained expert will be able


Automobile Accident Injuries

At Joynes & Gaidies we use tested methodology to reconstruct the accident, seek out evidence that other attorneys miss, and find proof in evidence that would mean nothing to attorneys without forensic experience. Through our experience we have built a strong track record of helping victims in their pursuit of justice and have obtained some of the largest client settlements in the country for catastrophic vehicle accident injuries. To aid you in the event that you are involved in an auto coll


Personal Injury Claims

A personal injury can happen anywhere at any time and can have a devastating effect on you and your family. There can be overwhelming medical costs and financial strife due to lost wages from being unable to work. If you find yourself in such circumstances, it is vital for you to get legal advice and representation from a qualified personal injury attorney. Getting a thorough legal analysis of your case from Joynes & Gaidies can make the difference in protecting your legal rights and getting you